When these guys smile, I feel the need to head for the hills.

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DRAMAtical Murder  II   Clear (x)

make me choose: Koujaku or Clear



lntellectual’s 1000+ Followers Giveaway

General Rules:

1. I’ll pick a first, second and third place winner by using a random number generator

2. You get more chances of winning by reblogging AND liking. 

3. The request has to be voltage. But I’ll be lenient if you don’t want voltage haha.

4. PLEASE BE PATIENT. (That’s all I can ask for.)

5. If you win I’ll contact you. Therefore, please have your ask open. HOWEVER, if you don’t respond within 3 days within contacting you, I will generate another number again and give the prize to someone else. Please don’t give me the excuse of “ohh my tumblr ate my messages on my ask” because remember I also post the winners on my blog. Not to mention, I will give you an ask for every day you don’t respond. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m only being fair. 

  • Reminder: I do post giveaways on my blog.
  • For artworks: If you want a high resolution file or a process video just ask me :D.
  • If you don’t want your request to be posted just let me know.

6. If you win and  you choose the phone case OR the plush, I need your shipping info. (No I won’t send your info to the Voltage Gods as sacrifices.)

7. You gotta think Saeki is sexy beast. (I’m just kidding but it was worth a try.  Even if you do think he’s the sexiest beast in the planet, that doesn’t boost your chances.)



First Place: Gets to pick 2 of the prizes listed above.

Second Place: Gets to pick 1 of the prizes listed above.

Third Place: Gets an artwork. 

"Note: You don’t have to pick two different prizes, you can pick two artworks, two plushes or two phone cases."

Deadline: October 20 (This gives me time to finish the previous giveaway)



alessiel this is super fucking cute and it reminds me of Dani and Aiden’s tsuness let’s be honest

omg it so is xDD This so really freaking cute though yes!!

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Send me a ミ, and I’ll reply with a starter pulled from the lyrics from a random song in my library!

Aiden quickly handed the waitress his menu, face red before throwing his hoodie over his head. The other woman giggled, giving him a wink before walking away with a wink toward the redheaded male.

"Well, she obviously liked you." Allie teased and leaned back in her chair, smirking at her male counterpart. "Shut up." He huffed.

"Alright, well obviously you didn’t like her." She scoffed slightly and tilted her head, "What kind of girl do you like Aiden?"

"Erm…" Aiden gave a side glance toward Dani, before blushing again and hiding his face deeper into his hood. "She…has a really pretty face, but not in the way you would think so." Allie cocked a brow, "Huh?"

"Let me see if I can try to explain it.." He sighed, "She had a smile that can light up a room, and if she’d move it’d be moving in you. But she isn’t like a magazine…she’s just plain jane…" Again he glanced toward the curly haired girl at the other end of the table, and Allie chuckled. "Ah, I see."

Song: Annie by Safety Suit

she had a very pretty face
And not the way you think so let me see if I can try to explain it
She had a smile that could light up the room and if she moved it’d be moving in you
But she wasn’t like a magazine, she was just plain Jane


She looked across the table at Aiden almost worriedly,
“Is something wrong?”
She asked tilting her head almost confused,
“You’ve been acting jumpy all evening.
It’s nothing like you.”
She said as the waitress put down the drinks and walked away.
She looked back and forth between Allie and him very confused.
She was almost always oblivious to the fact that any one could like her, and it was pretty obvious that that’s what was going on right about now.
(It’s honestly fine. I probably wouldn’t have done any better. And I’ve never heard that song. Is it good?)

Allie snickered slightly, “Mmm, I think he’s okay…maybe just a little…l—” Aiden quickly leaned over and covered her mouth. “Shut your pie hole you idiot.” He muttered with red cheeks.

"Geez, no need to practically suffocate me!" She crossed her arms and huffed before turning her attention toward Dani, "Do you really not see it?" 

"Allie…!!" Aiden stood up from the table and slammed his hands down on the surface.

The brunette raised a brow, “What? Obviously it’s gotta be spelled out for her, and it’s not like you’re gonna say it…”

The redhead rolled his eyes, he had to get out of here, or that damned girl was going to spill everything. “Come on Dani.” Without an explanation he moved over toward the other girl’s side of the table and took hold of her wrist, dragging her out of the restaurant,

"Hey where the hell do you think you’re going?!" Allie called out, "What about lunch!!"


. Crazy, Sarcastic, Beautiful8. Smart, Imaginative (especially when you abuse your mum powers), Random, Jerk, Funny, Awesome, Amazing, Tough, Cute, I’d hit you with a hiro, roberto, chika,or mirai. I love you, turd senpai (sometimes). Weird. And a big shit nugget <3



I can’t tell if I should be insulted or accept this all as compliments…






Allie gets 19 & 20 and a 21 for Shusei! <3

heck yes<3 Even if you do taunt me with a certain thief Dx LOL

Shusei smiled softly before taking a hold of Aiko’s left hand and bringing it up to his lips. “Maybe one day we can make that happen…” He then placed a small kiss upon her ring finger, his gentle gaze never leaving hers.


7. Beautiful8. Smart9. Imaginative10. Random12. Funny13. Awesome14. Amazing15. Tough16. Cute17. I’d hit you with a bus18. I love you19. Weird20. Friends forever23. I never want to lose you


Well, maybe not for the hitting me with a bus one LOLOL



Oh and...Daily Dose of Love. ~sneezes and pats head at arms length~ Me no wants you sick.


I’ll risk it x3 *glomps*